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Animal Medium

I believe everyone can talk to animals – it’s natural. As a professional animal medium I aim to make this connection common in daily life. My passion is to boost awareness, kindness, and bonds between people and animals, even spiritually. I do animal readings, communicating with your pet or animal, whether here or in the afterlife.

Start communicating with your pet or animal today and begin and incredible journey. Introducing The Ziva Method in Animal Mediumship.

Animal Readings

Experience direct pet or animal communication with this 1:1 Animal Reading Service. I speak to them remotely, adressing health, behaviour and well-being concerns. Through online sessions, your pets share their stories, ensuring you understand them better. No matter where you are, I can be their voice and help you build a stronger bond with them.

Aliana-my grandfather in spirit

22 Letters From Uncle Jack

My book, "22 Letters from Uncle Jack - How One Spirit Helped Me to reveal My Inner Knowing," shares my journey of growing uo, keeping my experiences to myself. As a child, I spoke to animals and encountered spirits. I introduce my spirit guide, Uncle Jack , who helped me reveal my true self through letters. The book includes my life stories, overcoming challenges, and exercises I channeled to open my mind. Experience energy shifts and tools to activate your mediumship gifts and live a guided life.

Connecting with Spirit Pets

I talk to pets and animals who passed away. They still guide us with love. They help us deal with sadness, grief and loneliness. During online readings, just share their name. No need for prior info. Feel their prescense and receive their messages, knowing they're always with you.

“Your direct connection to my fur baby Lucy was astounding! Without even seeing her you understood her and what her body needed. As I said this is all verified by the vet as well. Thanks to you she is on her way to living with less pain and more peace."

Valerie, United States

About Aliana

At the core, I have a deep connection with animals - I see them, hear them, know them, and feel them. From a young age, I've talked with them, especially horses, which I worked with for years. In my mid-20s, I felt a strong urge to start my own business, focusing on helping both people and animals. Now, every day, I'm dedicated to being their voice. My goal is simple: To make sure animals are heard and understood. Join me in this journey where we create a world where animals are valued and cared for.

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